About Us

Raeskin Essentials is a natural skin, hair, and wellness store. All of the ingredients we use are carefully sourced and curated for each product. 99% of our store is organic and free of preservatives and parabans.


 The Founder (Meet Keenia) 

Keenia Simmons worked in marketing and development, for various well known non profits, for over 15 years. After she had her son in 2015 she noticed changes in her skin. She spent years researching what worked for her skin type. In 2018, she finally found the right combination of ingredients that turned her skin from dry/dull to bright and smooth. Eventually her friends and family began asking questions about her skin and what she was using. Having very general knowledge about what to mix versus not, she knew she needed to educate herself further. After she began researching she decided to to start a business with her aunt (Shenitha Boyd). A few months into classes she lost her mother unexpectedly and she took some time to  grieve but felt she needed to honor her in some way. She spent the next year formulating until she came up with a line of products that were amazing for the skin and balanced for all skin types. In the process of that the name was created and the inspiration was clear. In honor of Lorie Rae, her mother, Raeskin Essentials was born.